Åben Bundle

Åben Bundle

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Prøv fire forskellige øl fra Årets Bryggeri 2019 - Åben.

Bryg 61 - New England IPA
Our first ever beer. It is called Bryg nr. 61 (brew no. 61), as it took 60 attempts before ending up with "Bryg nr. 61 - IPA". It is a fruity and hazy New England Pale Ale made primarily with Citra and Mosiac. Only very modest bitterness but high aroma of exotic fruits. Delicious for a summer day or a drink in the bar. It has now become a classic for us.

Coast To Coast - West Coast/East Coast IPA
Coast to Coast is made with a west coast IPA hop profile but an east coast IPA malt bill, hence the name. It is clocking in at 7.1% and made exclusively with New Zealand hops (Nectaron, Riwaka and Rakau) giving it a lot of body and fruitiness. We wanted to do something that was out of the ordinary when Mikkel came to the brewery and so we did. Released in Mikkeller's MBCV 2.0. 

Cloudless - West Coast IPA
Refreshing west coast IPA. Crsip with a lot of hop bitterness

Stolen Fruit Red Berries - Fruited Berliner Weisse
A refreshing Berliner Weisse with raspberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, black cherries and blackberry - giving the beer a very special colour. Stolen Red Berries was the first beer in our Stolen series. The beer consists of 16% natural fruits in total by weight and hits 5.4%.

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